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third power of the dimensions, whereas the load-carrying capability increases only with the
square of the dimensions. This translates into a strong need for higher power density.
Figure 6. EPA Off-Road Emission Standards
Manufacturers of off-road vehicles are faced with the conflict between the societal need to
reduce noise and emissions and the market need to reduce owning and operating costs. Specific
development needs include
Higher-load-carrying articulating joints.
Higher-energy-capacity friction materials.
Higher-power-density gears and bearings.
Biodegradable or recyclable fluids.
Fill-for-life systems capability.
To achieve the fill-for-life goals, technology advancements will be needed in the following areas:
Methods to control contamination.
Durable coatings, materials, and seals.
Engineered surfaces.
Techniques for monitoring oil quality.
Prediction of performance and life.
Long-life-lubrication technologies.
CMMS Fleet Maintenance Software for Fleet, Vehicle, & Equipment Maintenance

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